About Us

Nexus TAC is an organization established to provide training and consultancy in all aspects related to Management Systems. We are registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). Our consultants have assisted over hundreds of companies achieve various Management System certifications. This unparalleled expertise and experience offer the highest quality and most innovative consultancy available for a wide range of industries, to achieve certification in the most effective and timely manner at optimum cost.

Nexus TAC believes and subscribes to the significance of providing long-term support to our customers. Factors that differentiate us from our competitors we believe to be the support and commitment to meet our customer’s need. Our mission is “To help customers achieve long term profits for continuous business growth, with Trust, Accountability and Care”. We work closely with our customers to look beyond immediate certification. We pride ourselves in providing support and establish Management System programs to our customers after certification so customer can confidently maintain their Management System.

Apart from training and consultation related to Management Systems, we also provides motivational courses and soft skills trainings to further enhance our customer’s business performance via our sister company Nexus Academy. Nexus Academy has material tailored to specific business sectors and operate in-company training courses where material can be tailored to specific customer needs.

Our Purpose
Empowering business and people.

Our Mission
To help customers achieve long term profits for continuous business growth, with Trust, Accountability and Care.

Our Vision
To be the first choice consultancy and training provider in Malaysia.




Nexus TAC provides management system training and consultancy services. We offer specialized expertise and extensive practical experience in assisting client developing management systems from the initial concept of need to establishment and implementation of the management systems.

We provide training and consultancy as well as assessment services for management systems that includes: